Tips for Arranging Children’s Toys at Home

Toys are an inseparable part of the world of children. Instinctively, children like toys because in terms of age, their developmental task is to play and train motor development. As time progressed, the kinds of toys increased and the prices varied. It cannot be denied that children are synonymous with toys. Most parents also enjoy buying children’s toys that their children like. However, the large number of toys that children have will bring new problems because the child’s room becomes very messy, especially if there is no toy storage in the child’s room.
Here are tips on how to store children’s toys.

  1. Store children’s toys in a storage shelf with a glass lid. Apart from not being easily dusty, this glass storage also makes children’s toys more organized and easy to find because they are visible to our eyes. Keep the storage neat to make it look beautiful.
  2. If the room is small and there is not enough storage space for toys there is no need to buy a cupboard. An easy way of tidying up children’s toys can also be by collecting toys in a plastic tub and placing them under the bed.
  3. If your child is still a toddler, you should put children’s toys in storage that is not easily accessible to your children because children’s toys are vulnerable to being eaten by toddlers if you are not supervised.
  4. Sort children’s toys by size and place them in suitable storage. Use a tall basket for long toys, such as swords, tennis rackets, pistols. For small toys such as cars or wooden blocks, store them in a small storage basket.
  5. There is always a pile of old children’s toys that are not used anymore in every house. Instead, give this child’s toy to people who need it more.
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  6. Use closed storage to store children’s toys. For children’s books, you can use open storage for easy access.
  7. If children’s toys are neatly displayed on storage racks, children’s toys can be a decorative element that can beautify the space.
  8. If the house has a special room for children to play, but children’s toys in that space.
  9. To make it look unique, place the child’s toys in the wicker basket.
  10. Store children’s toys according to size. The small one can be put on top, the big one can be put on the bottom storage.
  11. To be interesting, we can divide children’s toys through the dividers in the cupboard.
  12. We can make our storage for children’s toys. For example, from used pipe cut and then pasted to the wall. Put children’s toys in it.
  13. When there is no more space for storage cabinets, place children’s toys in one large bag.
  14. Take advantage of your little one’s bed as a storage area for children’s toys. By placing the tub under it
  15. The design of the baby’s bed is a multifunctional bed. Underneath it can be used as a storage area for children’s toys.