Google’s Play Store Is Packed With Nasty, Violent Games Aimed At Kids

Whoever has the most water left in their cup at the end of five jumps wins. Before play begins, a category is chosen, animals for example. Players stand in a circle and throw the ball to one another.

One of the most popular party games out there, Limbo is also great fun in the playground. Two players must hold either end of a rope up and players must pass underneath it by bending backwards. Each round the rope is lowered ever so slightly until the players fall while trying to go underneath the rope. Hope these outdoor games for kids make your camping trip, family night in the woods or group outdoor activity fun for all!

People have been playing dominoes since the 13th century. There are various ways to play the game, but the most common one is known as “the Block Game”. In this game, two players create … Read More