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is a fun, physics-primarily based platform puzzle game the place you have to guide a courageous cube character through the best facet of the game screen in every level. The catch is that this dice character can solely move from left to proper – it cannot bounce. Put simply, you create a blue portal in one wall, a yellow portal in another wall, and use the 2 doorways as a perfect teleporting mechanism! As you progress through the 40 increasingly-troublesome levels, you encounter challenges similar to complex mazes, spiky obstacles, anti-teleport areas, and more. In order to play games online, browser must be fashionable browser like Safari, Chrome, IE10+ and Firefox11+.

TetrisTetris Game is a puzzle with shapes, each consisting of a number of squares, which are falling down a well. By turning and transferring the shapes, attempt to arrange them in a line. When a line of squares is … Read More