Learn To Count With Fun Counting Games For Ks1 Children

Join Dan as he explores the latest science stories with special guests and experts. Lots of great activities to explore astronomy https://www.wikipedia.org/ and learn more about the night sky. Articles and images discussing our planet’s most pressing environmental challenges.

Explore the science of music with this collection of fun hands-on experiments. On this website you can find the answers to loads of science questions, asked https://ilikegirlgames.com/ by children like you and answered by real scientists. Immerse yourself in a real life science adventure, travelling to the Arctic or the bottom of the sea.

Fun games and activities to help develop maths skills. Hopefully this extensive online game list has given you some ideas of how to extend the learning and fun at home in different subjects or topic areas. Vocab Victor is a fun way to increase your child’s vocabulary. The kids simply love the game which is based on the hero named Victor who lives in a castle. And now it is the user’s task to complete the word exercise challenges in the game to help Victor retrieve all his words from the dragon.

This mini-game collection will entertain and hopefully educate children for hours on end with some of their favorite animated TV personalities. Useful for developing the language of colour and pattern as well as visual discrimination skills. Use Busy code tutorials, challenges and projects to learn the basics of programming. Our coding games are perfect for introducing programming concepts step by step. Children can quickly create, run and debug simple programs.

LEGO has been a household name for families across the world for the last seventy years. Apart from its original LEGO building blocks, LEGO now offers mobile applications and video games to children to jump into the creativity bandwagon. It is an interactive medium for children allowing them to discover the power of imagination and creativity. It helps build upon focus, develop memorization skills, and also helps improve fine motor skills.