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Eventually, you’ll start getting extremely long words that’ll fire one-letter missiles at you that you have to take out in order to proceed. On the surface, Spaceplan is yet another repetitive clicking game designed as a means to distract you from the tasks at large. But dust off that geometrical cover and you’ll realize there’s something really special about this game. And, even if it’s vastly different than the shooters of today, Wolfenstein 3D is often considered the first true FPS by purists. Kill Nazis and see how gaming has improved since 1994 in this important snippet of history. Experience Wolfenstein 3D for yourself entirely for free, thanks to the Internet Archive.

Playground Games is looking for a talented and experienced Design Manager to oversee Forza Horizon’s world-class design teams. Playground Games are looking to grow their Forza team with a talented Build Engineer, keen to develop and maintain the … Read More

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You can still find them on an archive version of our website, but they are not supported. We’re looking for a talented and passionate Senior UI Artist to help create a world-class interface for the Fable team, working on our open-world action RPG. Playground is seeking a Senior Audio Designer who will be responsible for shaping the soundscape of as part of the Fable team. Playground Games is looking for a qualified Portable Appliance Tester to work as part of the Facilities team.

You will develop, direct, and champion the cinematic creative vision whilst driving quality and upholding the project vision. Playground Games is seeking a Senior Character Artist who will be responsible for creating a diverse variety of characters, realising the vision for our open world action RPG project, Fable. Playground Games is looking for an experienced rendering specialist to join the Horizon team. Playground Games is looking … Read More