5 Ways Online Video Games Can Lift Your Mood

We are in an age of amazing technological advancements, so much so that it is becoming more perceptible how new forms of entertainment have the potential to amuse us and transform our moods. A clear example of this is entertainment software (video games) and its benefit to our mood.

Sometimes games influence our mood a lot: playing something quiet can give us peace while some action can speed us up.

Here are 5 ways online video games can lift your mood

1.  Acts as An anti-Stress Tool

Various reviews on Britainreviews.co.uk have shown video games to be a great stress-relieving activity. Whether with a game console such as the Nintendo Wii or a smartphone, it is easy (while playing!) to forget a stressful situation such as example having a bad day at the office.

Games are therefore useful for combating anxiety in adults and preventing it from developing in children. By offering the player the possibility of modifying their environment or their game character, as is the case in massively multiplayer online role-playing video games, known as MMORPGs (for example World of Warcraft), they encourage self-expression and self-reinvention.

2.  Reduces Anger

If you are angry and you start playing something online or with voice chat, we assure you that the chances of getting even angrier are slim. For example, the game Untitled Goose which requires a good internet connection is a game where you are a goose and annoy others, this kind of game will probably make you laugh and cheer. See internet providers companies in UK reviews for assistance in choosing the right internet provider

3.  Video Games Can Be As Effective as a One-On-One Therapy Session.

While video games having been accused of being one of the causes of mental illness, studies have shown that they can also act as a remedy.

Researchers from New Zealand created “SPARX”, a new way to treat depressed adolescents with a game designed to enable therapy for these children more fun and active than a traditional consultation. The game is an acronym for “smart, positive, active, realistic and x-factor thoughts”, strategies often used to fight depression.

The study consisted of 168 adolescents, with an average age of 15, who had previously sought help or were struggling with depression. Half of this group had been assigned to “normal treatment” usually consisting of 5 individual psychotherapeutic consultations. The other half played SPARX, a fantasy game where subjects created avatars to eliminate “all negative thoughts” and restore the structure in a virtual world. Each level taught players basic facts about depression, strategies for handling negative emotions, and relaxation techniques.

4.  Lightens Up a Moody Player

A moody day can easily be transformed by just playing a game. Having to interact with the virtual world and or other players can greatly lighten the mood of the player

5.  Helps You Stay Active.

Gaming just like exercise can help stay active, relieve stress, and release endorphins, the feel-good hormones. Action games are known to keep the players on their toes and that adrenaline rush can greatly improve the mood.

Based on the above points, it is safe to say that video games have many ways of improving mood. So when next you are feeling down, just turn on the game console and watch it lift your mood.