5 Board Games that Are Suitable for Having a Great Family Time

Spending quality time with family will encourage bonding, enhance communication, and instill confidence in children. One thing that can make family time more fulfilling and enjoyable, is adding games to the routine. There are many games a family can play together like, board games.

Finding the right game is one thing, acquiring the instruments needed to play the game is another. These board games can be found in online stores all over the world, but how do you find a store that sells a variety of games and sells the right quality. Going to reviewsbird.co.uk and reading reviews about online stores will help you determine the best stores to buy your games from.

For family time, you need games that are easy to play and would not take a long time to end. Board games are perfect because they can be fun and educational as well. Many can be played by more than two people and are suitable for both adults and children. From the many, we have selected the 5 below to help turn your family time from boring to fun.

Ludo Board Game:

This is a simple strategy game that can be played by 2 to 4 people.  There are four square patterns on the board that are represented by colors (yellow, green, red, and blue). The players take turns to roll the dice and move their tokens around the board according to the number they throw. The first person to move all four tokens around the board wins.

Snakes and Ladders:

This is a very old game from Indian origins but it is still played to date because of how easy and fun it is to play. More than five people can play this game including children and adults. The board has pictures of many snakes and ladders on it. The players throw dice and work their way to the top of the board with their tokens. The first person to get to the end wins.


This is a popular property trading board game. It comes with its own money and allows the players to buy houses and properties on the game. It would usually end with a series of laughter. Just like the other games, players are expected to roll dice and move across the board.

Spontaneous Board Game:

This is a fun game that everyone especially the children will enjoy. It involves a lot of singing and laughter. The first player says a word, and the task is to sing a song containing that word. The larger the group, the more fun the game will be.


This is an age-long board game that has been played for a long time. The catch is that only two people can play it and sometimes it might take a long while to complete. The goal is to take out your opponent’s queen, it takes a lot of strategies and planning to win.

Board games can be competitive but also a lot of fun since many people can play them, it can always end with laughter even for the loser. Try any of the above games during your next family games.