Official Aurora World Soft Toy Store

We’ve met with some wonderful boutique soft toy brands that have created some adorable characters. How about an exclusive, handmade, limited edition Herdy, one of only 500 in the world. Made with luxuriously soft alpaca each one is lovingly handcrafted by our lovely friends at Merrythought, Britain’s last teddy bear manufacturer. Bring home ababy dolland take care of them every day. For extra-realistic playtime, discover all thedolls accessories,houses and playsetsyou need to keep your new pal happy.

We work with boutique toy manufacturers, providing you with a range of unique soft toys that are a bit different from the norm. Our range also includes snuggly versions of your kids’ favourite characters, as well as other irresistible plush toys impossible to not cuddle up with. I ordered one of the mini foxes for my granddaughters and it was so lovely I ordered another one. Lovely soft toys well made and … Read More