Retro gamers drawn to Omaha for videogame tournament

Bright, green screens filled the room, turning a restaurant into a mini arcade. While avid retro gamers grabbed their controllers with intense looks of determination to face off head-to-head with one another. “So a lot of competitive diehards that are willing to come out every year and play,” said Brad Bell.It’s an old game, that many remember from their childhood. But through the 7th Annual RBI and Tecmo Bowl Tournament, they can relive those memories once again. “The first time I ever played this game was, I was sick. My mom rented it from a local video store and I played Houston and lost horribly,” said Conrad Jaosko, his first time at the competition. Bell is the organizer, he said each year the competition expands to people outside of Nebraska, growing in size and recognition. “It’s attracted players from 12 states and Canada,” Bell said. “It’s kind of a testament … Read More

Pitch Black: Meraki Montessori Toy Co

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — A local toy company is changing the way kids play all while representing the world around us.

Meraki Montessori Toy Co is one of five finalists for Pitch Black, a competition put on by Midlands African Chamber designed to promote entrepreneurship and diversity in minority-owned businesses.

“My wife bought a toy camera and I was like, ‘I can make that.’ We started exploring that more and more for (our daughter). We discovered we wanted her to have toys she can play with that are non-toxic,” said owner Dell Nared.

Ty and Dell Nared created Meraki Montessori Toy Co. It’s based on the Montessori style of teaching, using non-technological toys, all while being diverse.

“Everything is made with wood in hopes of fostering a child’s imagination, so our toy camera, we see lots of kids playing with them pretending to take photos but they’re really leading their

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Fun Kids Game Ouch! Shows Candyland How Randomness Should Work in Games

Ouch! is a silly little small-box game for younger players, ages five and up, that combines the kind of funny elements that can keep a child’s attention with an actual game, although one that happens to be very luck-based.

In Ouch!, players will choose one of four cards from a central display and flip it over to see if they get to add the flowers depicted on the card to their collection. Flowers come in four different colors, and a card can show anywhere from one to three flowers on it. The twist is that you have to pick up the card by one of the four edges when you flip it, because some of the edges on the other side have cacti along them. If the edge where your fingers are has nothing on it, you get to keep the card. If that edge has a cactus

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