Educational and Fun Kids Games for Preschool and Kindergarten

Educating early childhood must be done in the right way. PAUD and kindergarten children easily feel bored or bored when studying. Therefore, education must be done in a fun way. One of the effective ways to educate early childhood and kindergarten age children is to use children’s play media. The world of children is playing, it has become an absolute habit. Children can’t be separated from playing, because it is with that game that the child’s development begins. In PAUD schools such as playgroups and kindergartens, children are taught about several games, which are of course very interesting and fun. Kinds of games for PAUD or kindergarten children can be divided into 2 types, namely indoor games and outdoor games. Some of them are grouped using tools but there are also games without tools.
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Educational Benefits of Playing Puzzles

Almost everyone is familiar with puzzles. This puzzle game comes from English which means a puzzle or puzzle game. Meanwhile, in the Big Indonesian Dictionary, Puzzle is defined as guessing. The puzzle itself was first made by John Spilsbury, who works as a mapmaker. Apart from being a mapmaker, he is also known as a Geography teacher. The puzzle made by John Spilsbury was called the “Jigsaw Puzzle”. And at first Jigsaw Puzzle was used by John Spilsbury as a learning medium when he wanted to teach maps to his students. The purpose of making this Jigsaw Puzzle is to make it easier for students to understand the location, position, and geographic relationship between each country. Apart from that in terms of models, the puzzle is also growing. If you pay attention, currently there are various types of puzzles with various materials, themes, patterns, and other uniqueness.
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Tips for Arranging Children’s Toys at Home

Toys are an inseparable part of the world of children. Instinctively, children like toys because in terms of age, their developmental task is to play and train motor development. As time progressed, the kinds of toys increased and the prices varied. It cannot be denied that children are synonymous with toys. Most parents also enjoy buying children’s toys that their children like. However, the large number of toys that children have will bring new problems because the child’s room becomes very messy, especially if there is no toy storage in the child’s room.
Here are tips on how to store children’s toys.

  1. Store children’s toys in a storage shelf with a glass lid. Apart from not being easily dusty, this glass storage also makes children’s toys more organized and easy to find because they are visible to our eyes. Keep the storage neat to make it look beautiful.
  2. If the
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